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Whether we are performing in various plays, movies, music & fitness videos, concerts, or hosting events, the Luggs are definitely a source of entertainment.  We work very hard at our crafts to provide our audience the best experience the allotted time will allow.  Check out some of our work.

Nadirah's Bio

From the time that she can remember, Nadirah Lugg was always singing a tune or humming a melodic note. Over the years, her love and appreciation of music grew, along with the yearning of finding a creative balance of melodic rhythms between different musical genres. With time, practice, and theatre training, the artistry expressed between song and singer became apparent and helped to create the entertainer she is today. Lady Fuzion, an entertainer ready to bring back old school quality with a new school flare.

Born and raised on Chicago’s South Side, Nadirah always displayed a fondness of the Arts. While attending Bryn Mawr Elementary School, she passionately enlisted in afterschool classes ranging from jewelry making, crocheting, to dance. However, it was not until her seventh grade performance as the “Ghost of Christmas Present” during the school’s production of Charles Dickens, “A Christmas Carol” that her love for acting was awakened.

While enjoying several opportunities to sing and dance during her high school years, Nadirah decided to pursue her theater studies while earning her B.A. in Speech Communication at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. This decision allowed her the opportunity to perform in productions of “The Colored Museum” and “Flyin West.” During her last two years on campus, she joined the social issues theater group, Inner Voices and performed in several productions including, “Cawfee Tawk” and “Broken Silence.” These plays covered the topics of physical, mental, and sexual abuse, drugs, bullying, and other subject matter plaguing society.

Upon graduation, Nadirah returned back to Chicago, taught within the Chicago Public School (CPS) system, City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) and joined the renowned acting school, Chicago’s Actor Studio. Her love of theatre, television and movies inspired her to write and performed her own screenplay, My Memories of Chicago while earning her Masters of Liberal Arts degree from the prestigious University of Chicago. Last but not least, her passion for creative writing, fashion designs, and song writing propped her to showcase her numerous talents with her husband/business collaborator of eight years, Troy Lugg.

Her recent projects include playing KoKo Taylor in short film The Juke Joint, the lifestyle blog, Living with the Luggs, and her active role as lead singer/songwriter to the music group, Muzic Fuzion Factory (MFF). For more information, please check out:

“I’ve always loved to perform and communicate with those around me. It’s my appreciation of acting that has helped me to create the entertainer I am today… the actress/singer bringing forth a multitude of memorable songs and characters.”

Troy's Bio

At an early age, Troy Lugg has always displayed an exuberate amount of energy and personality. Being the only child, he spent countless hours entertaining self by drawing, inventing games, and staying active with various junior sports teams. This autonomous behavior began to form an overall lover of art, fashion, sports, business, and innovating thinking. Known as the creative visionary behind the music group Muzic Fuzion Factory (MFF), this intelligent, charismatic gentleman evolved into his alter ego, Sir Troy… an artist mastering his innate ability to cater to the personal indulgences of the masses.

Troy Lugg was born and raised in Chicago to a loving mother from the south side and an ambitious father that migrated from Jamaica. Having both parents working as Chicago Public School (CPS) teachers; besides being the first and only American born on his father’s side, it was instilled in Troy to embrace a passion to learn, as well as, value education. However, at the age of eleven, it was a spontaneous shopping spree given by his paternal grandmother that would hasten his thirst for knowledge of fashion and design. Clothes became the catalyst to view fashion as an art form. This later attributed to his multiple wins in several visual art competitions during his attendance of Bryn Mawr Elementary School and Mt. Carmel High School.

With his mind set on majoring in Engineering at Northern Illinois University, Troy’s initial college years was met with both misfortune and disappointment. Later realized as a blessing in disguise, Troy’s promising football career as a running back/quarterback came to sudden end when he was violently stricken with heat stroke that hospitalized him for 7 days. Plagued with the memory of a fellow teammate’s death due to the same condition a year earlier, Troy made the heart- wrenching decision to quit the football team and whole-heartedly concentrate on academics and fashion. That radical decision provided numerous opportunities to model and showcase his original fashion designs for both men and women with the Present Perfect Modeling Organization during Homecoming festivities while earning both a bachelors and masters degree in Safety Engineering.

With the ambition of an engineer and innovation as an artist, he always sought out new ground breaking creations in art, fashion, motivational speaking, hosting and music. Troy and his wife, Nadirah began writing songs together 8 years ago and have created a catalog of music. Currently, Troy (Sir Troy), Nadirah (Lady Fuzion) along with his brother-in-law, Arthur Peals (Mr. Muzic) have forged the music group, Muzic Fuzion Factory.

Presently, the Luggs are also working on various projects together as the dynamic duo. They are writers of the lifestyle blog, Living with the Luggs, writers/actors/directors of the music video parody, I’m A Hungry Woman, writing a screenplay, along with hosting a myriad of events. With both being CPS graduates, they are looking forward to hosting the stage at the Bud Billiken Parade in Chicago, which happens to be the second largest parade in the United States.

“We look forward to the opportunities that give us the platform to encourage, motivate and inspire others to pursue their dreams through means of education. That is where it all begins.” The Luggs are not only people that you should know, but also people that you should meet.

With a friendship that bloomed since the sixth grade at Bryn Mawr Elementary School (coincidently the same school of our First Lady Michelle Obama), it can easily be assumed that Nadirah and Troy Lugg were destined to be together. Although they attended different high schools and colleges, they continuously maintained their friendship. Fast-forwarding to the year of 2007, when nuptials were shared on the beautiful sandy beach of Negril, Jamaica, the Luggs have since been inseparable and are labeled by many as “their favorite married couple.” Whether it is Nadirah’s infectious energy and passion for the arts or Troy’s creative eye and charismatic demeanor, the Luggs are a dynamic duo of artistic innovation and expression.

Having obtained graduate degrees in their respective fields of study, the Luggs have spent years collectively creating a think tank of ideas. Designing clothes, writing songs/books/screenplays/blogs, acting in movies and plays, mentoring and educating others on the importance of being green are just some of the many talents and abilities these two consciously share with the world.

Nadirah and Troy have also been blessed to work with some of Chicago’s talented directors, writers, and performers. Past projects included theatre performances of The Wiz (Chicago Style), Spider’s Web, Zooman and the Sign, Glory in the Flower, and the short film, Juke Joint. Not failing to mention their development and involvement of their music group, Muzic Fuzion Factory (MFF).

This musical group embodies the ideology of a family business. With alter personas at the helm, Nadirah aka Lady Fuzion, Troy aka Sir Troy and brother, Arthur Peals aka Mr. Music, enjoy performing high energy, feel-good, dance music. Working hard to bridge the gap between positive and uplifting messages among all age groups, each show is pulsating with a light show and a party atmosphere.

At present, the husband and wife team are constantly working on various projects together. They are writers of the lifestyle/travel blog, Living with the Luggs, writers/actors/directors of the music video parody, I’m A Hungry Woman, and hosting a myriad of events. With both individuals being Chicago Public School graduates, they are looking forward to participating and hosting one of the stages at the 86th Annual Bud Billiken Parade in Chicago, which happens to be the largest Back to School Parade in the world.

Never limiting their hungry for learning or creating, the Luggs are always reinventing themselves and introducing new artistic concepts through various media outlets. For a more insightful look into the Luggs portfolio, check out their web site: and get ready for the “Lugg Experience.”

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Body Art Fitness Training Video Featuring The Luggs


Spider's Web

Written & Directed by:

Margaret Mahdi/Mahdi Theatre Company

Juke Joint

Written & Directed by:

Benjamin Jaffe/CRib Productions

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